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You can never tell…


You’d think from this dark cloud last night we would have had a huge downpour but I think I only counted about six drops!

Earlier in the day a tiny, pale cloud produced a modest but welcome sprinkle.

You can never tell and it’s the same with stories and poems. Often it’s the one you almost dismiss, submit or enter in a competition as an afterthought, that gets published or wins a prize while the one you thought held all the promise misses out.

Fortunately, in the early hours we got a little more rain šŸ™‚



Comments on: "You can never tell…" (3)

  1. About 16 mls., her, Sandra, but the temperature change was most welcome!

  2. Sounds like here, except we usually get five drops!

  3. I know I have my personal favourites when it comes to poems or blog posts, that move nobody. Then something ordinary takes off, which I find heartening, as I realize that at least it doesn’t suck even if I’m not that excited about it.

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