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Precious memories


The cricket oval at Barham, NSW, with its new white picket fence 🙂

Yesterday I travelled to Koondrook and Barham with my Mum and Dad, to visit some of Dad’s cousins. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Barham Club and it was wonderful to listen to everyone reminisce. One cousin I hadn’t seen since I was a sixteen-year-old exchange student in New Zealand – he was living in Auckland at the time and we met up after a lady who worked with my host ‘mother’ realized I had the same surname as the Aussie her cousin had married. For a homesick teenager it was wonderful to visit a family member and see an amazing family resemblance so far away, even though we’d never met before that.

I now have a pile of family history papers, documents and details and we are hoping I can connect a few more dots.

And, it has reinforced my commitment to writing down family stories and interesting snippets . . . who knows who might want to read them one day 🙂

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  1. I have so many snippets of family information and many pages of family stories. I wrote our family history 12 years ago, with an updated and expanded version 9 years ago. Since then, so much has happened.
    I have also been intending to write the story of my father’s life – he died last year. Up to now, I have focussed my writing on my novel, and only have the first chapter of his story written. I need to get all that data, all the stories he told me over the last 15 years, and get them into a readable format. It is a big challenge.
    Regarding the collection of family info over the last 30 years, it was exciting to discover more about my roots and to expand the connections with other, more distant family members. Tracing your family history and connections is a great activity, Sandra, and I hope you learn a lot about your own.

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