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Another recycled photo today. I’ve discovered the problem; my blog allowance is full and I now need to pay each year to upload new photos.

I do understand . . . WordPress is a wonderful service and much appreciated but as regular readers and subscribers to the hard copy magazine know, Positive Words magazine runs on the smell of an oily rag and all too often the rag doesn’t even have much odour left 😦

Don’t worry, I will be continuing with the blog and daily prompts as so many have told me how much they enjoy them but please bear with me for a few days while I figure out the best and most economical way to continue the blog. Any suggestions or hints will be welcomed 🙂

Postage costs here in Australia rise on Tuesday, an extra ten cents for a letter and twenty cents to post each copy of Positive Words magazine. Ouch! But . . . the good news is that I will not be raising the subscription price. Hopefully, increased support for competitions and perhaps a new subscription or two would cover the rise, so please pass on the details to any interested writers 🙂 Thank you!

Things really do come in threes . . . Postal rise, Blog full and yesterday  I received an email from one state writers’ centre saying they will no longer be mentioning the publication opportunities in their members’ newsletters unless I renew my membership with them or pay for each listing 😦

I discontinued my membership a couple of years ago so I could put the money towards PW and, unfortunately, paid advertising is definitely out of the budget. I was very disappointed as I thought mentioning the opportunity (and themes) for the Writers’ centre members to be published in PW, a magazine I have produced every month for twelve years without payment, was a service to their paying members. The opportunities section was the first page I looked at when I received my copy of the newsletter!

Fortunately, this is only one of the centres and the others are wonderful about letting their members know about the chance to be published.

I’m not sure whether they also mean they won’t be including the competition information, the email only seemed to refer to ‘opportunities’ but I will contact them to find out.

Enough of the gripes . . . three negative things – now I’m off to try and find three (or more) positives 🙂

Comments on: "Where do we go from here?" (4)

  1. Up 10cents a letter!! Outrageous, isn’t it!
    Pity about that writers’ mag – they are the losers!
    You will fit more photos on if you reduce their size before uploading, but that’s too late for you now I suppose 😦
    Hope you find lots of positive things to outweigh the negatives.
    Our washing machine poured water all over the laundry this morning – it was time the floor had a good wash anyway 🙂

    • I’ve washed my laundry floor the same way a few times over the years 🙂
      Thanks for the hint about re-sizing photos – maybe I could go back and edit and reduce the size of the previous photos…worth thinking about.
      Lots of positives…lots of wonderful caring people offering hints and suggestions on the blog and by email 🙂
      I agree the writing organisation will lose, unfortunately so will their members as I’m sure this opportunity isn’t the only one they won’t be passing on 😦
      Certainly doesn’t inspire me to re-subscribe!

  2. Sorry to hear about all the negatives. Perhaps you could still give the daily prompts but just without pictures and describe the objects or just give one word prompts or maybe even a topic – eg. Your boss fires you. What do you do?

    • Thanks Rachel!
      That’s a great idea and I will use it. I will put ‘word prompts’ on more often and I’m sure it will still inspire lots of stories and poems 🙂
      And…some days I do run out of photo ideas!

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