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She grinned, then stamped her foot in the centre of the puddle.

You guessed it . . . rain here 🙂


Comments on: "Splashing" (4)

  1. johanna saunders said:

    It’s my birthday on Saturday. I will be 21 with 47 years experience. I just love splashing in puddles with my two grandsons, 3 and 9. They, like their dad and uncle, love to try and make me wet. At the moment, it is a draw as to who gets the wettest! As I told the boys, I have had experience at this game!!

    • Hi, Johanna – Happy Birthday 🙂 Hope you have a great day!
      I love the thought of you and the boys splashing in puddles. I can imagine the laughs. We hear so much about children spending too much time in front of TV, computers, electronic games etc, it’s nice to know splashing in puddles is still a winner 🙂

  2. Take any little kid to a puddle and he/she will splash with a foot. It’s too tempting not to. 🙂

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