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Full Moon

Today’s prompt . . .

Beneath the full moon…

Inspired by the amazing view of the moon last night when I went out to lock up the chooks and the lunar eclipse expected tonight.

Over the years I’ve heard lots of stories about unusual happenings when there’s a full moon so I’m sure you will all come up with some interesting stories and poems 🙂

Submissions are always welcome but please remember that I can only accept submissions in hard copy – Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia. Submission details are above under ‘information’ or email me if you require further information:



Comments on: "Full Moon" (5)

  1. I understand you only accept hard copies. I would just feel guilty if I used your prompt to inspire my writing, and then did not pay you credit.

    Saying that, here is my response.

    • Thank you for that. I am very happy for you to use the prompts in any way you like; they aren’t just for magazine subscribers/readers/contributors.
      It’s all good for our shared love of writing and I really appreciate it when you mention the prompt source on your blog. Hope I can continue to inspire 🙂

  2. A acrylic artist feels the itch to write and at 65 yrs. now experiences are helping to interest & entertain friends, also their nudges to differently create excites the soul. Thanks Positivewordsmagazine for adding to my education.

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