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Monday morning

Today’s prompt . . .

I am not a morning person!

Actually, I am but I just heard the line on an ad on TV and thought it would make a great prompt 🙂


Comments on: "Monday morning" (4)

  1. youngandtwenty said:

    I wish I was a morning person!

  2. Reblogged this on Hermitome and commented:
    There’s something about Garfield that I really like. It’s not the art direction. The art is basic, although it gets the job done and I do like the style. It’s not the writing. It relies on tropes, and cliches that most “adults” are supposed to relate to. Not liking Mondays, enjoying carbohydrates. But I never read Garfield as an adult, I read it as a child. And for fucks sake its a talking cat, and does John even realise that the cat’s talking or is he a sad, depressed, lonely man whose projecting his own thoughts and feelings on a regular cat. I mean, cat’s are mean sometimes. Like, what if John’s just incredibly unhappy and using his cat as a one-way mirror?

    That’s how I liked to read Garfield anyway. Plus man, that cat hates mondays and loves carbs. That’s cool. Cat’s have no sense of the days of the week, and don’t put more importance or dislike on a singular day because there lives are the same everyday pretty much and they probably don’t have a strong sense of conciousness to realise day to day. Plus they don’t eat carbs. Like lasagne would probably be bad for a cat, like it has onion in it? Or is that something that fat non-Italian people do to Lasagne?

    Also personally while I do like Lasagne, I can’t say I hate mondays. My work roster is sporadic so my weekend often hits the middle of the week. MAN fuck thursdays amirite?

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