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Lost and Found

Today’s prompt . . .

It’s here somewhere; I know it is.

Knowing me, I probably can’t see for looking 😦

But I will find it!


Today’s prompt . . .

You can’t have a rainbow without rain.

Hope it inspires something special πŸ™‚

Bad Omens

Today’s prompt . . .

Just in time she stopped herself from walking under the ladder, only to see a black cat slink across her path.

No, it’s not Friday the Thirteenth but I do know someone who is having that kind of bad luck every day 😦

A Step in the WRITE Direction


Today’s prompt is another reminder to post your entries for the May Mini-competition by Saturday mini themes 2014

The word this month is STAIRCASEΒ  πŸ™‚

And . . . if you’ve ever been stuck for idea/topics for writing, this book might be just what you are looking for.

A Step in the Write DirectionΒ has 1331 writing starters, sure to inspire some great poems, stories and articles.

For a copy, please send $6.60 (Aus) by cheque, money order or the equivalent in unused stamps to Sandra James, Editor Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.

For overseas buyers, please email me for payment details.


Changing times

Today’s prompt . . .

Could I borrow a cup of sugar?

A common question in stories, TV and film in the past but these days there are so many people who don’t know their neighbours.

A Holiday

Today’s prompt . . .

I want a day off!

Actually, my to-do list is much too long and it’s pouring outside so I’d much prefer to stay in and catch up but while I finish my coffee I’ll take a minute to dream about what I would do if I had a day off πŸ™‚

What would you do?

Send an entry in to the Positive Words May Mini-competition? The word this month is STAIRCASE and you can find the entry details on yesterday’s post πŸ™‚

A Bit of Fun

Today’s prompt . . .

Sliding down the bannister.

A little fun and a reminder that entries for the May Mini-competition need to be posted by Saturday. The word for this month is STAIRCASE. Details on how to enter can be found here: mini themes 2014

Thank you everyone for your entries, subscriptions and submissions – without you I couldn’t keep going πŸ™‚


Today’s prompt . . .

My one Β minute oats took three minutes!

True πŸ™‚


Today’s prompt –

Showing true colours . . .

Sounds enigmatic, indicative of a-lot-more-to-the-story and I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where those around us have shown another side to their character.

And . . . it’s those things we draw on when we develop plots for our stories. Several readers have confided that certain people have ended up in later stories, disguised and probably known only known to the author. A little silent revenge that harms no one πŸ™‚

And . . . there’s more πŸ™‚

One contributor recently sent me a poem relating to Colour, and I decided it would be nice to fill the July issue (and possibly the other winter issues) with colour to brighten our days. If you have a ‘colour’ story or poem, send it in πŸ™‚ Hard copy please – PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.

I look forward to a full mailbox πŸ™‚


Today’s prompt . . .

Another knife in the back.

Ouch! I hope it draws out a story or poem, rather than blood, on this rainy day here in Victoria πŸ™‚

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