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A sad prompt for today . . .

Rest in Peace.

Sadly my daughter is taking her cat Toby to the vet for the last time this morning.

Toby became ill a couple of weeks ago and after extensive (and very expensive) treatment there is nothing more that can be done.

I am sure it will strike a chord with many of you who have had to make a similar heart-breaking decision.

For my daughter, it comes after a horrendous few weeks with the most difficult situations she has ever had to face in her 31 years, yet she has shown incredible inspirational courage and consideration for others and a determination to do her very best. I am very, very proud of her.

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  1. Equipping The Saints said:

    I am very sorry for the pain that you and your daughter are having to endure. My wife and I had a 16 year old Cockatiel to develop Carcenoma Cancer. It was terrible! “Lucy” was like a child to us. It has been 19 months of many sorrowful times and tears for us. I will pray for your family.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”

  2. tvkapherr (Cats at the Bar) said:

    My heart goes out to you.

    • Thank you – my daughter is the one really suffering (although I am very sad as he was a beautiful ‘grand-cat’) She has had so much heartbreak recently. Toby is at peace now and I hope life improves for Jess. She deserves it.

      • tvkapherr (Cats at the Bar) said:

        Well I wish her luck and success. Loosing a family pet is always traumatic. I hope this is the last heartbreak!

  3. Philomena Essex said:

    I am so sorry to hear of your daughter’s sadness and I can identify with your heartbreak at not being with her. All three of mr sons also live in Adelaide and Bass Strait seems like the biggest of oceans when any of them are having problems. I will have to face the same decision as you daughter as one of our little dogs, who is so precious to us, suffers heart failure. Her medication costs us a small fortune but the money is not the issue. When she does her little hop, skip and jump when she is about to get fed my heart almost leaps from my chest. No matter how much she eats she still loses weight as the food only gives her the energy to keep her heart pumping. I know we will eventually have to make the decision that enough is enough for our lovely little girl. I send my best wishes to your daughter and I hope she conquers her problems. All the best to you all.

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