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Thank you

Today’s prompt . . .

Thank you!

Not only a heartfelt message from me but I’m sure it will inspire a poem or story.

I have received so many good wishes lately and want everyone to know how much it means 🙂

And, it helps. Big time!

Comments on: "Thank you" (1)

  1. These are two words which are greatly under-used, both spoken and written, yet they can change a person’s day.
    I was born in the 1960’s which is not quite the dark ages.
    If I did not say ‘thank you’ to my mother after each meal, I would have heard about it from my father,and quite rightly too.
    I was trained to send ‘thank you’ cards as soon as I could write, in response to kindly given birthday and christmas gifts. I still send them today but they are a almost forgotten act of grace.
    I was lucky that the rural area in which I grew up was very old fashioned and valued the courtesies of what is almost a past age. Most people behaved as my family did and people who were not polite were the odd ones out.
    I do not rank a text message in the same light as a ‘thank you card’ but an email is better than nothing.
    How many times a day do you say ‘thank you’ and how many times a day are those two words said to you?

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