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Swept off your feet!

Today’s writing prompt:




Today’s writing prompt:

Let’s sleep on it!




Today’s writing prompt:

Your guess is as good as mine!

Or maybe better 🙂

Spring Chicken

Today’s writing prompt:

Spring chicken.

Inspired by 17 fluffy chicks chirping in my incubator 🙂

Old Dogs

Today’s writing prompt:

You can teach an old dog . . .

Inspired by my two senior citizens who still act like puppies, albeit a little slower these days, and always make me smile 🙂

They are both creatures of habit but I’m sure there’s still a couple of tricks they could learn . . . as long as food was involved!


Today’s writing prompt:

Something happened along the way . . .

A few years ago a lady rang me to say she wanted to buy an item I had advertised for sale and would be at my house in about an hour. She turned up four days later and seemed very surprised when I mentioned that I’d thought she was coming earlier and must have changed her mind. She didn’t give an explanation but I’ve always wondered . . .


Today’s writing prompt:

She had a tattoo on her . . .

Hope you have some fun with this one 🙂

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