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Formatting for Competitions

Every writing competition has different rules and it always pays to read carefully in case you’ve missed something that will disqualify your entry 😦

This morning I received an email from a writer asking about formatting for the Positive Words Short Story & Poetry competitions. Basically, it’s very flexible to allow the opportunity for everyone. There are usually a few handwritten entries each competition from those who don’t have computer access or from those whose printers have run out of ink or misbehaved at the last minute. No problems, as long as the handwriting is easy to read.

For printed entries, a fairly plain font is best and it is fine to bold or highlight headings, although illustrations are unnecessary.

The Positive Words writing competitions are not quite as prestigious as the Pulitzer or Booker Prizes (very close, though 🙂 ) but are all about having-a-go. Entry fees help to keep Positive Words magazine afloat and thereby continue a popular writing opportunity and I truly believe by entering competitions, entrants improve their writing and gain confidence, even if they don’t win.

Thank you to everyone considering entering the current major competition and/or the mini-competitions. Details are below and please do not hesitate to email me if you need further information 🙂

End-of-year entry form-2014       mini themes 2014


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