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Ring! Ring!

Today’s writing prompt:

Off the hook.

Yesterday after three nuisance telemarketing calls to my landline, despite being on the do-not-call register, I put the phone down on my desk mid-sentence and walked away. I did intend to put it back after a an hour or so but completely forgot!

Last week, a friend who suffers from emphysema called and hesitated before responding to my somewhat strained ‘hello’. Fortunately, I realised just in time who it was and he didn’t cop an ear-full!

I love calls from friends, subscribers and anyone interested in Positive Words magazine but my blood boils when I’m constantly disturbed by someone who wants to sell me something . . . particularly when I’m struggling to get my NaNoWriMo total up to the target.

Comments on: "Ring! Ring!" (1)

  1. Christine Johnson said:

    Absolutely! It drives me crazy too – who are all these people, how do they know my name and number, what gives them the right to intrude upon my time and invade my home? Sounds like a horror story coming on…
    Seriously, I try to stay calm, be polite and good humoured but sometimes the bending of the arm by the party on the other end of the line goes that bit too far – and yes, I’ve hung up too.

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