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Windy Weather

A writing prompt for today:

It’s an ill wind . . .

Yes, it’s windy here and has been for several days 😦

I can hear it now whistling around the corner of the house.

Writing prompts


My apologies for the lack of writing prompts over the past weeks…I’ve had a break and will now endeavour to provide them at regular intervals again 🙂

Prompt for today:

I think I’m beginning to understand.

I hope it inspires some great poems and stories 🙂

Positive Words End-of-Year Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who entered the Positive Words End-of-Year Short Story & Poetry Competition 2014!

You can read the results here: Results

The winning entries will be published in the February issue of Positive Words magazine. If you would like a copy, please send $5.50 (cheque, money order, direct deposit or unused stamps) to Sandra James, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia. (NB – Please make sure cheques are made out to S James or Rainbow Press as the bank cannot accept cheues made out to Positive Words – Thanks!)

The Positive Words Short Story & Poetry Competition 2015 is now open. Entry forms here: entry form-2015

Along came a spider…

Thank you everyone, for all the kind comments and emails about my stories on the ABC 500 project site. I really appreciate it and am hoping I can do a lot more writing in 2015. If you haven’t seen them, the links are below:

Today’s writing prompt:

She slid her toes into the leg of her jeans and out ran a . . . spider!

Yes…it happened this morning 😦

Okay, it was only the tiniest of spiders and didn’t cause any harm but I thought it would be a great writing prompt.

Imagine a HUGE hairy spider with big eyes and an evil grin . . .

And, remember after drying your jeans on a hot summer day . . . give them a good shake before putting them on 🙂 Just in case!

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