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Once again, my sincere thanks for your entries in the March Mini-competition. They really do help to keep the magazine in print 🙂

Congratulations to the winner – Annabelle Hill, and please find the results, including the short-list, here : Positive Words March 2016 Mini

The word for the MAY mini-competition is MOON. Don’t forget to post your entry by the last day of the month.

Thanks 🙂

Comments on: "March Mini-competition results" (2)

  1. Allan Lake said:

    Disappointed that my Highly Commended poem was not included in your latest publication.

    • Hi Allan,

      Only the prize winning entries are published in the magazine. This is because most competitions do not allow entries that have either won a monetary prize (first, second, third…) or been published. Commended and Highly commended entries are usually eligible to be entered in most other competitions and I would rather entrants be free to re-enter their work elsewhere, especially when they have been so close to the winners. On a different day, in a different competition, with different judges, a ‘commended ‘ entry has a good chance of attaining a higher prize. It has happened to me and to several past commended and highly commended entrants who would not have been able to enter their work again if they were published.

      Some entrants don’t want to enter their work in other competitions and if this applies to you, I would be more than happy to publish your highly commended entry in the next issue. (and as a general submission you would receive a free copy)

      Best wishes,

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