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Back Again

The last few months have been particularly difficult after a run of ‘hiccups’ over the past three years. (I hope I didn’t break a mirror, have a black cat walk in my path or something like that in case there’s still four years to go!!) The situation is still causing terrible distractions and much pain for some close to me but, as always, I am hopeful there is an end in site.

Some things had to give, including this blog, but I will be endeavouring to post regular updates once again.

Thank you to all who know something of the situation and have contacted me with kind messages…they all mean so much and really do help 🙂

One day I will write about it all but for now I have to be careful as it involves others in a precarious situation. Truth is most definitely stranger than fiction; I couldn’t possibly dream up the events that have taken place!

I am in the process of notifying winners, place-getters and entrants of the results from the recent Positive Words Short Story & Poetry Competition and will post them here later today.

Thank you everyone!

Comments on: "Back Again" (2)

  1. kevin harkin said:

    Great to hear from you

    Best wishes and future happiness to you and yours.


    • Thank you Kev, I really appreciate your good wishes. I feel very lucky to have so many wonderful, understanding people who have taken the time to contact me. It really does help 🙂 Sandra

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