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A sad prompt today . . .


Unfortunately, Jess’ beautiful Cavalier King Charles is still missing despite an all night search, ads on Gumtree, contacting vets, council etc.

Hopefully, the prompt will inspire stories with happy endings as we are still hoping for. Pet owners the world over will understand how it feels 😦

Lost Dog

Just in case anyone in the Gawler/Buchfelde/Two Wells area of South Australia is reading this –

My daughter has arrived home from work to find her beloved King Charles Cavalier missing.

His name is Clyde, he is about 6 years old, tan and white (Blenheim)

He is microchipped, desexed. A beautiful dog.

If anyone in the area has seen or found him please email me asap-

Thank you!

At the beach


A very warm day forecast here and even hotter in Adelaide . . . I think beaches will be popular today 🙂

Back Home Again


Home again after a ten hour bus ride yesterday, an hour and a half on a train and another hour in my car.

I’d definitely take the bus again but with a good book. The movement made it hard to do puzzles and working on my laptop resulted in quite a few typos and doubled up letters every time we hit a bump (often). Some fellow passengers slept for most of the way and I envied them . . . I only managed  a few cat-naps. Some lolled in strange positions, several snored and one young man sat bolt upright, hands neatly clasped in his lap and simply shut his eyes.

My daughter sent me a text on the way over reminding me of a childhood song ‘The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…’  

They certainly did 🙂



Delicious doughnuts in Adelaide and the nicest vendor 🙂 We’ll be back! I’m on the bus heading back to Victoria. A window seat so lots to see . . .

Going Nowhere


This vehicle isn’t going anywhere just now but, fortunately, no such dramas on the bus on my trip to Adelaide 🙂 I wanted to spend the weekend with my daughter and her partner but didn’t feel like another long drive. Flights were expensive, perhaps due to the cricket test currently being held in Adelaide so I decided to take the bus. A new experience to write about! Lots of great story ideas formed as I sat surrounded by snorers and a very interesting bunch of fellow travellers so I’m sure I’ll be penning a story set on a bus very soon. I might include a flat tyre . . .

Coming & Going


I arrived home last night from Gawler, SA after a rainy long weekend pet-sitting but left behind this beautiful rainbow 🙂



I’m back in South Australia for another stint pet-sitting my daughter’s dogs, cats, goats and hens 🙂

Yesterday I had a wonderful time meeting two combined U3A writing groups at Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills. Spectacular scenery along the road from Gawler and yet another group where I felt completely ‘at home’. Once again, inspiring stories and poems written for the occasion and it was great to be able to put some faces to names I already knew as well as meet lots of new friends. And, I gave myself a pat-on-the-back for finding my way along unfamiliar roads with lots of twists and turns 🙂

I’ve called my new friend Little Hampton 🙂

While talking with the group, I mentioned that often I’ve been inspired by a comment, a phrase or a word while talking and listening to groups and on the way home the beginnings of a children’s story came to me . . . you never know where ideas are going to come from!

This little piggy…

Today’s prompt…

This little piggy went to the litter bin. Perhaps he was the black pig of the family . . . the one nobody talks about! Another great sculpture in Adelaide 🙂

Friendly Adelaidian :)

Today’s prompt…

I met this friendly Adelaide resident yesterday when Jess and I travelled into the city and visited the South Australian Writers’ Centre 🙂


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