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Today’s writing prompt:

How did that happen?

On Tuesday I had some minor surgery on a skin cancer on my face which is very hard to hide so inevitably I’ve been asked a few questions and received even more quizzical looks. The truth sounds rather boring so I’m putting my writing skills to good use and coming up with some much more interesting explanations 🙂

. . . I was on my way to visit my parents when suddenly a brilliant light appeared in the sky. I heard the roar of an engine (definitely a V299) and a shiny saucer overtook me, then propped in the centre of the road. I stamped my foot on the brake as a tall green alien stepped from the saucer brandishing a gleaming scalpel. In seconds he removed a section from my left cheek and purple alien appeared to stitch and bandage the wound. “Why?” I asked.

     “We need a magazine editor for our planet,” replied the green alien. “We’re going to clone you.”

    I blinked and they were gone but my throbbing cheek told me I hadn’t imagined it. So . . . now, somewhere on a distant planet there’s an editor reading submissions and compiling the next issue of Positive Alien Words 🙂

Definitely more interesting than the truth!



Today’s writing prompt:

Crop circles.


Strange creatures


One of my tomato plants is producing very odd looking fruit.

I’m not sure what they are morphing into . . . so I’m watching them closely!

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes perhaps? 😦

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