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April magazine issue

I am a bit disappointed – I rang the printer this afternoon and they tell me they’ve been busy so the April issue won’t be ready until next week! (April 11) I was hoping to collect them this week and have them all posted out before Easter. I know they do their best and my small print run hardly makes me their biggest customer but I feel for the contributors who are waiting to see their stories and poems in print. The envelopes are all done, so I will post them out the same day to prevent any further delays.

A few times over the past couple of years my husband Rod and I toyed with the idea of getting bigger scale equipment (I only have my basic PC printer) and setting it up in our shed but I’m sure the cost would be prohibitive, especially as we couldn’t order paper in bulk as printing firms can do. We once saw an antique printing press (in working order) for sale in an historic town and I rather fancied myself as the town printer from cowboy/western movie days with a long apron and visor, and of course a pencil stuck behind my ear 🙂 Perhaps in another life…or perhaps, in a story…



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