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Today’s prompt . . .

He could never resist a bargain.

Well . . . who can?

To Market, To Market

A prompt for today . . .

To market, to market to buy a . . .

Lots of Easter markets today and over the weekend. What is your favourite holiday activity?

New Desk


I love my new desk bought last week for a relative song (a little jingle really!) on ebay. We’ve wanted something like this, with filing space to store all the Positive Words submissions, ever since we moved in almost two years ago but new price kept it on the back burner until I was lucky enough to win this one with a very modest bid. Ebay has provided us with lots of lovely pieces of furniture and as I post this, Rod is putting up ebay-bargain-curtains in the spare bedroom I call my ‘office’.

Now . . . if my writing output doesn’t increase and improve, if I don’t complete my novel . . . what will excuse will I have?

More bargains?


There might be more bargains here, too, but the exterior doesn’t have quite the same class as the previous post!!

I took this one from the bus window a few weeks ago.

One Man’s Trash…

Today’s writing prompt…

One man/woman’s trash is another man/woman’s treasure 🙂

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