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Magic Beans


Today’s prompt…despite the lack of rain, the heat, wind and poor soil, our Purple King beans have produced a small crop 🙂


…and they tasted delicious! I’ve grown these beans many times over the years and I still love watching the way they change from purple to green after just a few minutes in boiling water

We have extreme weather conditions forecast here for the next week and there are already fires burning in South Australia. I hope everyone stays safe.

Bean There, Done That!

Today’s prompt…

Hopefully, these will soon be rivalling Jack’s beanstalk 🙂

And . . . I hope the prompt inspires a modern beanstalk tale!

Sowing Seeds

Today’s prompt…

I love these Purple King beans . . . like magic they turn green when cooked! A bit like stories and poems – you plant the seeds, they grow in one direction but can unexpectedly take on a new identity . . .

I planted the seeds about two weeks ago and they are about 10 centimetres high now 🙂

I’m hoping for some rain to help them along. Forecast  . . . possible late shower. Fingers crossed!

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