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Dog biscuits

Today’s prompt…

My dogs April and Jasper love them . . . can you make a story or poem out of them?

Several people have commented on the pretty placemats which I’ve used as a back-drop in a number of prompts. Yes, they are very pretty and match my Willow pattern themed kitchen. I bought them earlier this year at a garage sale. The seller was a lovely lady and trying to raise funds for her son to travel overseas after being selected in a National basketball team. I had to do this several times when Elijah and Pip were selected on the Victorian (and Elijah on an Australian team) gymnastics teams. It’s a great honour . . . but then comes the price tag 😦  I was a sole parent at the time but we raised the funds with garage sales and by selling lots of my craft work and those fund-raiser packs of chocolates. A lot of people helped by donating time and goods and I will always be grateful. So . . . although I already had two lovely sets of placemats, I knew what the lady was going through! The mats have been great and the extra set very useful 🙂 A win for both of us and I do hope her son enjoys his trip.

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