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Team Colours


I’ve put out a call for submissions of poetry, short stories and articles with a COLOUR theme.

Fact or fiction, dramatic or tongue-in-cheek, just include lots of colour to brighten our cold winter in the southern states of Australia 🙂

Submissions need to be in hard copy. Post to PO Box 798, Heathcote, Victoria, 3523, Australia. And see  ‘information’ at the top of this post for further details. Thanks 🙂


Today’s prompt . . .

Once in a blue moon.

Don’t forget to send in your colourful stories and poems. Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote Victoria, 3523, Australia.

Blue water


I have no idea what this blue ‘water’ I spotted in a carpark puddle is . . . but I’m sure it will inspire lots of writers to come up with an explanation 🙂


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