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The Phone Book

Today’s prompt…

When I started work just out of High School as a Cadet Journalist for my local newspaper, the Editor told me the Phone Book would become my best friend. Inside its covers I would find a wealth of information and leads for stories. He was right, and long after I left work to be a stay-home Mum to my four wonderful children I still used the Phone Book frequently. But these days the print volume is sadly  neglected while I look things up on line 😦

Family Portrait

Isn’t it hard to get all the kids smiling and behaving at once for a family portrait? 🙂

These three were much easier to coax than my children in their pixifoto days. I have many smiling portraits that really don’t tell the thousand muttered words from Mum preceding them!

Have fun with today’s prompt…I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new submissions in my mail box 🙂


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