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Not Happy!


After my wonderful trip to the MCG last weekend to meet up with Pip and watch the Brisbane Lions, we were both stunned during the week to hear that Coach and Legend Michael Voss had been sacked. Not just the fact that he’d been ousted; unbelievably the way in which it was done! No one deserves that kind of treatment.

Pip has been a Brisbane fan since he was just over one year old. Brisbane’s first year in the competition. His brothers and sister all had different favourite teams and they asked him which one he would go for. Unswayed by their preferences and with only a few words in his vocabulary he pointed to the television screen where the then Brisbane Bears were playing in their mostly yellow jumpers. Like his Mum he loved yellow and his support of Brisbane through various Guernsey changes and merge with the Fitzroy Lions, never wavered from that moment. From the low of several years on the bottom of the ladder (and lots of teasing from friends, neighbours and family!) to the high of three premierships in a row, I was soon swept up in his enthusiasm and became almost as keen. But talking to him last night, I know he is going to find it hard to follow this week’s game. “All the players should just go out and sit down on the field in protest,” he told me. “Bring Vossie back!” I’d love to see it.

From all forms of social media, the press, television and radio and football commentators, experts and loyal fans, and especially the players it seems everyone is stunned and disgusted and all agree it is a very bad move for the club. So why did a few men on the board make this ridiculous, misguided decision? Our team song says ‘we are the PRIDE of Brisbane town’. No pride this week 😦 At least with the board – the players made their admiration for their now former coach clear.

I voiced my disapproval on a news website and sent off an email to the club and I know of others who did similar. I don’t imagine it will change anything but it is good to be able to use one’s voice to register one’s opinion . . . just in case.

But, this post isn’t just about boring you with my football gripe . . . I hope it inspires you to write something about an issue you feel strongly about. Good, bad, whatever your point of view, write it! It’s great to see our poetry and short stories printed, win a writing competition or have a book published but sometimes a few timely words can bring a lot of satisfaction, whether or not they get results or achieve change. And, at least it helps to get it off your chest!

When I was tutoring groups, one exercise we sometimes did for homework was to write a complaint letter, real or fictional, and the results were often hilarious as writers let their imaginations go completely over the top 🙂

Why not write that letter you’ve always wanted to write, today?

And . . . GO LIONS! I’m very disappointed with the board but still a loyal fan 🙂

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