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One Eyed


Today’s prompt . . .


Do you love it or hate it?

Going to watch Brisbane Lions play Collingwood tonight . . . should be interesting as my husband barracks for Collingwood 😦

Meeting my son Pip and his girlfriend Jemimah at the MCG – let’s hope three of us are smiling tonight 🙂


Parlez-vous Francais?

Unfortunately I don’t remember a lot from my High School French classes even though I studied French for 6 years 😦
Hearing on the news this morning that today is Bastille Day had me recalling a few phrases. I wonder if more would come back to me if I ever get the opportunity for visit France.

For me, the best thing about my French lessons was that in learning about French grammar, it re-inforced English grammar.

And, of course, I hear the tune of the French Anthem many times each day . . . as the Brisbane Lions theme song which is also my phone ring tone 🙂

Did you learn a foreign language at school? How much do you remember?


Today’s prompt . . .

Who inspires you?

Last night I watched a wonderful tribute to Jonathon Brown from the Brisbane Lions who retired earlier this week.

A real sporting hero and each day I find inspiration in those around me. Some I know well, others who simply pass through my life.

Over the years, so many people who have left lasting impressions 🙂

Not Happy!


After my wonderful trip to the MCG last weekend to meet up with Pip and watch the Brisbane Lions, we were both stunned during the week to hear that Coach and Legend Michael Voss had been sacked. Not just the fact that he’d been ousted; unbelievably the way in which it was done! No one deserves that kind of treatment.

Pip has been a Brisbane fan since he was just over one year old. Brisbane’s first year in the competition. His brothers and sister all had different favourite teams and they asked him which one he would go for. Unswayed by their preferences and with only a few words in his vocabulary he pointed to the television screen where the then Brisbane Bears were playing in their mostly yellow jumpers. Like his Mum he loved yellow and his support of Brisbane through various Guernsey changes and merge with the Fitzroy Lions, never wavered from that moment. From the low of several years on the bottom of the ladder (and lots of teasing from friends, neighbours and family!) to the high of three premierships in a row, I was soon swept up in his enthusiasm and became almost as keen. But talking to him last night, I know he is going to find it hard to follow this week’s game. “All the players should just go out and sit down on the field in protest,” he told me. “Bring Vossie back!” I’d love to see it.

From all forms of social media, the press, television and radio and football commentators, experts and loyal fans, and especially the players it seems everyone is stunned and disgusted and all agree it is a very bad move for the club. So why did a few men on the board make this ridiculous, misguided decision? Our team song says ‘we are the PRIDE of Brisbane town’. No pride this week 😦 At least with the board – the players made their admiration for their now former coach clear.

I voiced my disapproval on a news website and sent off an email to the club and I know of others who did similar. I don’t imagine it will change anything but it is good to be able to use one’s voice to register one’s opinion . . . just in case.

But, this post isn’t just about boring you with my football gripe . . . I hope it inspires you to write something about an issue you feel strongly about. Good, bad, whatever your point of view, write it! It’s great to see our poetry and short stories printed, win a writing competition or have a book published but sometimes a few timely words can bring a lot of satisfaction, whether or not they get results or achieve change. And, at least it helps to get it off your chest!

When I was tutoring groups, one exercise we sometimes did for homework was to write a complaint letter, real or fictional, and the results were often hilarious as writers let their imaginations go completely over the top 🙂

Why not write that letter you’ve always wanted to write, today?

And . . . GO LIONS! I’m very disappointed with the board but still a loyal fan 🙂



Another day at the football, yesterday, and a wonderful time even though we didn’t win.

Once again, Pip headed west on the train from Yarragon while I drove south to Melbourne, left my car at my parents-in-law’s house, caught a tram, walked for ten minutes, caught a train and finally arrived at the MCG 🙂 Sounds a bit like that film Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Brisbane made a great come-back in the second half but lost to Richmond by 23 points 😦 but I always love catching up with Pip and it’s wonderful to think he enjoys going to the football with his old Mum 🙂

And, I saw so many characters during the day. Some, I’m sure, will pop up in future writing. A lovely gentleman who caught the tram at the same stop near my in-law’s home and after I was seated came to ask how I was getting to the ground. He wasn’t in footy gear, so I hadn’t realized we were going to the same place. I told him I was heading to the city and would then walk to the ground. He suggested getting off a few stops along, walking to the station and catching the train to the ground. “Do you mind if I tag along?” I asked, and I found myself with a wonderful, entertaining companion for the journey, telling me stories about trips overseas, a ghost tour in Melbourne and apologizing because his team was going to beat mine. They did 😦  We said goodbye, as he went to meet someone at Gate 3 while Pip waited for me at Gate 5.

It’s fun to observe fellow supporters and one man in particular caught my eye. Seated a couple of rows away, we watched as his face grew redder and redder, clearly very one eyed, drummed his hands in the concrete ledge in impatience and expressing extreme disgust when he didn’t agree with the umpires’ decisions. His colour grew to fire-engine/post box red when Brisbane rallied in the third quarter but paled to deep crimson when his team won. I’m glad I don’t take it quite so seriously!

After the game, as Pip and I prepared to go our different ways outside the ground, a woman carrying Richmond streamers raced over to us, shook them at us with an emphatic ‘Ha, Ha’. Her long grey hair was matted and her grin, displayed a number if missing teeth. I think she’d made it her mission to find as many opposition supporters as she could and share her excitement and we laughed as she continued on her way.

The train station was packed but I finally boarded the third train through, and eavesdropped on two 30ish young men as they discussed their dogs. “She’s a great dog,” said one, “she’s stayed with me through so many different girlfriends.” They were so intent on their canine conversation that they missed their stops!

I remembered mine and headed toward the tram stop in the fading light. Then, up ahead, I saw a familiar figure. I caught up to my gentleman friend from the earlier trip and, once again, we chatted amiably as we waited (we missed one tram by just a few seconds) and both concluded when we alighted that we had enjoyed a great day.

Welcome coffee from my mother-in-law (and a beautiful chook ornament she’d found for me at an antique shop) and I drove home, very tired, very happy and inspired by some very interesting new characters 🙂



Trying to get Bella to sit still for a photo next to my Brisbane Lions sign and wearing a yellow scarf was almost impossible but I wanted to send it to her master, my one-eyed Carlton supporter Elijah, who is holidaying in Scotland at the moment. We’re a family of jokers. When Elijah was in his teens we lived on a small farmlet and had great neighbours just over the fence. They were keen Richmond fans and often went to matches. One time when Carlton defeated Richmond, I made a tiny Carlton jumper and hat and we dressed their Richmond garden gnome in it before they arrived home. Lots of good-natured teasing and they very best of neighbours 🙂

When my children were very young, we live in town with very close neighbours, some very nice, others . . . not so nice 😦

Now Rod and I live on another farmlet but our nearest neighbours are much further away and we rarely see them.

Good neighbours, bad neighbours and the eccentric and quirky . . . they all make for great stories and poems 🙂

Team colours


What is your favourite colour?

Warming Up


Many writers have told me they have ‘warm up’ exercises or routines they use to get them started. What’s your pre-writing proceedure?

The photo shows Brisbane Lions warming up before Friday’s game 🙂


Go Lions!


Yesterday I travelled to Melbourne to watch my team the Brisbane Lions win the Grand Final of the pre-season competition (Nab Cup) 🙂

A long but wonderful day and I’m so glad I went.


The Inspirational Ms Ita Buttrose

Today’s prompt…

I had a truly amazing Saturday. As part of the Inaugural Bendigo Writers’ Festival, Ms Ita Buttrose gave a talk about her very inspirational life.  Rod surprised me with a copy of A Passionate Life a few weeks ago and I’d been really looking forward to hearing Ita speak as I had long admired her, not only for her ground-breaking career in journalism but for her inspirational attitude to life which I had watched avidly in segments on Sunrise when she used to be a regular guest. She does similar on The Today Show now,  on a different channel, so I don’t see her as often, as Sunrise is my preferred morning show.

It had been a topsy-turvy week and unsure whether I would make it, I hadn’t booked a ticket. When I arrived the lady at the ticket booth said she might be able to squeeze me in but unfortunately her computer wouldn’t let her, saying the venue was full. “Hold on a minute,” she said and called a young woman over. “This lady wants to see Ita Buttrose but we haven’t any more bookings.” The lovely young woman handed me a ticket. Apparently, someone couldn’t make it. Sad for them but so lucky for me. Sincere thanks to both the ticket lady and the young woman – I ended up in the front row and Ms Buttrose’s talk was everything I could have hoped for and more, so much more. I am inspired and will be putting so many new ideas into practice over the next few weeks.

After the talk I headed down the Calder Freeway to Sunbury where I left my car at my step-son’s house and caught a bus to the Sunbury Station, to catch a train (although it was changed to a bus, I think because of track work) to Southern Cross Station where I was to meet my youngest son Pip so we could attend the Brisbane Lions versus Carlton match at Etihad Stadium. Although we didn’t win it was another amazing night. I hadn’t been to a match for more than ten years and, once again, it exceeded all my expectations. More about that, and some photo prompts, in a later post.

How to explain to Pip, a young man who loves sport but isn’t quite so knowledgable about journalism and writing, why I so wanted to see/hear Ita Buttrose? “Pip, Ita Buttrose is to Australian women’s journalism what Nadia Comaneci is to Women’s World Gymnastics.” “Ah” . . . he nodded. “Cool.”

A long day but the very best of days 🙂

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