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Back Home Again


Home again after a ten hour bus ride yesterday, an hour and a half on a train and another hour in my car.

I’d definitely take the bus again but with a good book. The movement made it hard to do puzzles and working on my laptop resulted in quite a few typos and doubled up letters every time we hit a bump (often). Some fellow passengers slept for most of the way and I envied them . . . I only managed  a few cat-naps. Some lolled in strange positions, several snored and one young man sat bolt upright, hands neatly clasped in his lap and simply shut his eyes.

My daughter sent me a text on the way over reminding me of a childhood song ‘The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…’  

They certainly did 🙂



Delicious doughnuts in Adelaide and the nicest vendor 🙂 We’ll be back! I’m on the bus heading back to Victoria. A window seat so lots to see . . .

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