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Overlooking Geelong from Flinder’s Peak in the You Yangs.

In my mid-teens (quite a few moons ago), my Mum bought me a copy of My Love Must Wait – the story of Matthew Flinders by Ernestine Hill. I loved it and still have it packed away in one of my boxes waiting until we get some shelves. I’m looking forward to reading it again especially to see if the peak, originally named Station Peak by Flinders, is mentioned. I think we had it much easier with well-made tracks and a couple of seats along the way πŸ™‚

We Made It!

You Yang peak

Today’s prompt…

Climbing a mountain/hill/peak is a lot like writing a story…why did I ever start this? I’m never going to get there, I must be crazy!

But at the top (or end of story) you forget all that πŸ™‚ The flags were already there with notes attached asking people to leave them as they were part of a challenge and certainly added to the euphoric feeling of achievement. Flinder’s Peak is no Mt Everest but for this not-as-fit-as-she-used-to-beΒ writer it felt good to finally reach the top and reminded me that I could (and should) be a lot fitter in order to continue to enjoy climbs/walks/life for many years to come. A lot like the recent NaNoWriMo challenge…no more excuses; I can find a little more time each day to write!

There were many other walkers on the track that day and I loved the camaraderie from the fellow climbers going down, from the cheeky suggestions that we had only gone a fraction of the distance when we were actually close to the top to the encouraging it’s-not-far-nows. Going down was much easier πŸ™‚

Along the track…


Today’s prompt…

After our delicious barbeque, we tested our fitness and started up the track to Flinder’s peak. Did we make it? Ah…you’ll have to read tomorrow’s blog πŸ™‚

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