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I’m sure most of us are well and truly chocolated-out 😦

I’ll stick to regular eggs for a while now!

Old Favourites


Today’s prompt…

My Mum made them when I was young. I made them when my kids were young and they’ve always been Pip’s favourites. We simply call them Chocolate Biscuits with peanuts on top πŸ™‚ I made a batch to take to Pip last time I visited and, of course, he was thrilled.

Have you got a favourite recipe handed down through your family? I haven’t used this one in a story yet but I often have my characters making or eating my favourite recipes πŸ™‚

Fuel for Writing

Today’s prompt…

Well known to Australian writers, the Tim Tam is a chocolate-coated chocolate biscuit filled with chocolate cream (the original-Β there are some new variations, too). Perfect for celebrating success, comforting rejection and fuel to keep you going on your next project πŸ™‚

I could name one or a thousand other alternatives and my favourite depends on weather, mood, and mostly, availability πŸ™‚

Much too early in the day for chocolate for me – this is my second attempt at trying to get the prompt on-line. Now I’m off for a healthy breakfast πŸ™‚

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