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What a whopper!


I have a small pen of young bantams who’ve been producing four cute little eggs most days for the past few weeks . . . but yesterday I found the whopper on the left! I found a similar one a couple of weeks back, my first bantam double-yolker in almost thirty years of keeping chooks. I had lots of standard ones when I had bigger chooks but none from the bantams – anything the big guys can do, the little ones can, too 🙂

Bella and the Pumpkin


Bella discovered a few under-sized pumpkins on the back verandah that I was planning to cook up for the chooks and thought they made great balls to play with 🙂

Then . . . while I was on the phone she decided to be really helpful and chewed this one up into nice, small, chook-sized morsels all over the rug 🙂

There’s never a dull moment with Bella around!

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