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Today’s prompt . . .

How many sugars?

Ever wondered how many times you’ve asked that in your life? I know I have many times but I’m sure anyone working in a coffee shop would say it hundreds of times a day!

None for me and, of course, I always say I’m sweet enough πŸ™‚

I’ve met people who take up to 6 sugars in one mug . . . how many do you have?

Monday morning

Today’s prompt . . .

I am not a morning person!

Actually, I am but I just heard the line on an ad on TV and thought it would make a great prompt πŸ™‚

Sunny days


A perfect sunny day today after more welcome rain yesterday – I love autumn πŸ™‚

Coffee time


Anyone for coffee?

Who’s on First?


A popular stop for workers to get coffee in Bendigo and I’m sure they must get asked numerous times a day who makes the best coffee?

I stopped to post some letters, say G’day to the fellow leaning on his shovel πŸ™‚ and took a selfie of my hands courtesy of my side mirror πŸ™‚

Happy Fathers Day to fathers everywhere!

A little bit of Sunshine :)


I woke to cold, cold frost this morning but before long the sun began to peep through the trees . . . then clouds appeared 😦

Luckily I have a little sunshine in my mug of hot coffee πŸ™‚

Hopefully, the sun will soon win out . . . I’ve got lots of washing to do!

Trusty Travel Mug

Today’s prompt…

Where would a long trip be without it?

Home again and a little tired! I stopped several times along the way to stretch my legs but those last 200kms were a struggle. A great trip andΒ a nice pile of mail waiting . . . thank you for the submissions and competition entries πŸ™‚

Jasper and April gave me a rather sleepy, oh-you’re-home welcome (clearly too well looked after while I was gone!) but Bailey was much more enthusiastic. Usually, it’s the felines who fix you with that well-if-you-go-and-leave-me-I’ll-be-aloof look but I’m sure the dogs will change their tune come breakfast time!


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