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On the Buses

Today’s prompt…

Buses have changed a lot since I travelled to school many years ago! I rarely travel on public transport as we live 10 kilometres from town. I know nothing of the new ticketing system (myki) and when I rang the day before to ask was told I could buy a ticket from the driver (for the Sunbury bus to get to the station) but this would soon change. Huh? What will people do who only want to travel occasionally? Surely, I’m not the only one. Years ago, when I caught buses and trains more regularly, it was simple. You got a ticket for the trip or a weekly ticket if you were a regular commuter. No fuss. No confusion. And very easy for tourists/country visitors. Oh well…I’ll cross that bridge next time if I have to but for this trip I was lucky to have a lovely friendly driver on the Sunbury bus and a helpful ticket officer at the station 🙂

Tickets sorted, it was great to sit back and watch out the window, gathering ideas and inspiration for new stories and poems.

PS: It was even more complicated for Pip, coming from his direction. No one at his station to sell a ticket (he got one on the train) and no idea which side of the platform to wait at. Luckily, another regular traveller arrived 🙂

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