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Today’s prompt . . .

Chocolate biscuits.

That’s meant as a subject to write about but if you’re more inspired eating them . . . go for it 🙂

Biscuits or Cookies?

Today’s prompt…

…might inspire me to do some baking! Here in Australia we call them biscuits but in the US they are known as cookies. I know many Australians get a little peeved at the frequent Americanisms, like the word cookie, creeping into our everyday language. It’s not that we are anti-American, it would just be nice to retain our own unique identity. So much more fun all round to save cookie-eating for when we visit the US, while Americans (USAans?) can have all the fun of discovering our biscuits etc when they visit here. When in Rome…etc!

That said, we do need to be careful about using the correct names for things when submitting stories in an other country. I once had a short children’s story rejected (in the UK) only because I used the word zucchini when they are known as courgettes over there. And, unfortunately, the Z in zucchini was an integral part of the story which contained repeated Z words. You would be surprised at how many everyday words and expressions are slightly different overseas, and even between the states.

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