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A sad prompt for today . . .

Rest in Peace.

Sadly my daughter is taking her cat Toby to the vet for the last time this morning.

Toby became ill a couple of weeks ago and after extensive (and very expensive) treatment there is nothing more that can be done.

I am sure it will strike a chord with many of you who have had to make a similar heart-breaking decision.

For my daughter, it comes after a horrendous few weeks with the most difficult situations she has ever had to face in her 31 years, yet she has shown incredible inspirational courage and consideration for others and a determination to do her very best. I am very, very proud of her.

Stop the merry-go-round ~ I want to get off!

That’s today’s prompt 🙂

I’m sure you’ve all had days/weeks/months like that 😦

Unfortunately, here it’s been a one-thing-after-another period. Coinciding with some very difficult times for those near and dear to me, I’ve been a bit unwell but tests come back today. And, yesterday my precious little dog April had a trip to the vet after ‘doing’ her back. Jasper has recovered on medication and strict crate rest twice in the past so I’m hoping little April who has been through so much in her life will similarly get back on her paws. Unfortunately, it’s a problem with Dachshunds and they are both in their senior years.

I think I must have walked under a ladder (or two) in the path of a black cat, broken a mirror, spilt salt and opened an umbrella indoors, all on Friday the 13th 😦

Hoping someone will pull the plug on that merry-go-round . . . soon 🙂


Today’s prompt . . .

The kindness of strangers.

Inspired by the kind people who have sent messages and/or helped in the search to find Clyde. It’s heartwarming and offers hope 🙂


A sad prompt today . . .


Unfortunately, Jess’ beautiful Cavalier King Charles is still missing despite an all night search, ads on Gumtree, contacting vets, council etc.

Hopefully, the prompt will inspire stories with happy endings as we are still hoping for. Pet owners the world over will understand how it feels 😦

Lost Dog

Just in case anyone in the Gawler/Buchfelde/Two Wells area of South Australia is reading this –

My daughter has arrived home from work to find her beloved King Charles Cavalier missing.

His name is Clyde, he is about 6 years old, tan and white (Blenheim)

He is microchipped, desexed. A beautiful dog.

If anyone in the area has seen or found him please email me asap-

Thank you!



Appropriate for the upcoming October issue PET theme . . . Bella, Elijah and Eilidh’s dog who will be staying while they visit Scotland 🙂

Dog biscuits

Today’s prompt…

My dogs April and Jasper love them . . . can you make a story or poem out of them?

Several people have commented on the pretty placemats which I’ve used as a back-drop in a number of prompts. Yes, they are very pretty and match my Willow pattern themed kitchen. I bought them earlier this year at a garage sale. The seller was a lovely lady and trying to raise funds for her son to travel overseas after being selected in a National basketball team. I had to do this several times when Elijah and Pip were selected on the Victorian (and Elijah on an Australian team) gymnastics teams. It’s a great honour . . . but then comes the price tag 😦  I was a sole parent at the time but we raised the funds with garage sales and by selling lots of my craft work and those fund-raiser packs of chocolates. A lot of people helped by donating time and goods and I will always be grateful. So . . . although I already had two lovely sets of placemats, I knew what the lady was going through! The mats have been great and the extra set very useful 🙂 A win for both of us and I do hope her son enjoys his trip.

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