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Coffee in Williamstown


Rugged up against the cold, this little dog was enjoying coffee with her owners at Williamstown 🙂

Pet stories are starting to arrive (Thank you!) but there’s plenty of room for more. Send them to (hard copy please)  . . . Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.

One writer asked if Positive Words has a hard copy issue and I guess if you’ve recently found this blog you might not know . . . Positive Words is a monthly, hard copy magazine/anthology/journal filled with stories, poems, articles, writing hints and prompts, competition notices etc. It was started in 2002 and has continued to provide a publishing opportunity for writers, both new and experienced. It is a self-funded project and needs subscriptions to survive, although you do not have to be a subscriber to contribute and all published contributors receive a complimentary copy. There are two major competitions each year and monthly mini-competitions. You can find more information under ‘About’ or send me an email but submissions MUST be in hard copy as I live in an area with very limited internet signal.

Looking forward to lots of PET stories and poems 🙂


Pet stories and poems wanted


Or cat, guinea pig, chicken, duck, snake, rock . . . whatever your preferred pet.

For an upcoming issue I will be featuring ‘pet’ stories, poems and articles. Good pets, bad pets, cheeky pets, lost, found, past, present etc

Submissions need be in hard copy (email copies requested on acceptance). Stories and articles should be up to 1000 words and poems up to one page. Send to PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.  Or, email me for further information

You don’t have to be a subscriber (although subscriptions are always welcome and help to keep the magazine alive!)

Send them in asap 🙂

Beautiful Sunday


A trip to Bendigo for some groceries followed by a picnic lunch at Kennington Reservoir 🙂

We ate in the car due to the biting wind, despite the sun, and saw so many different breeds of dogs being walked around the 1.36km track. Two beautiful black & tan, long-haired Dachshunds 🙂  a Beagle, several Pugs, Labradors, Fox Terriers, fluffy Maltese, a long-haired sheepdog sporting a cute pigtail, Staffies etc. I think you might see just about every breed if you stayed there for a couple of hours!

Leaving Heathcote earlier in the day we were thrilled to see a huge flock of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos fly over (they are special favourites and at my former home in Traralgon I used to often see them but here they are much rarer so a sighting is special) and on the return journey we took the ‘scenic’ route, green undulating paddocks, sheep, cows . . . a very nice way to spend Sunday 🙂

How did you spend your Sunday?

Stamping Ground


I love these new stamps 🙂 The Mini-Dachshund looks a lot like my Jasper when he was a bit younger (he’s gone a little grey now), and the Cavalier King Charles could easily pass for Clyde, one of my daughter’s dogs 🙂 And, of course, the Pug, Australian Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer are gorgeous, too! I think stamps look so much better than ‘Post Paid’ in the corner.

I’ve collected stamps since I was very young, for fun rather than seriously, although my late brother and I watched like hawks when Mum shared out the latest offerings. Mum would carefully clip stamps from the envelopes and save them until she had a pile in the drawer (or we nagged until she gave up!). She tried to divide them evenly but toward the end of the pile there were always a few odd ones . . . the bargaining that went on over who should have which one would have rivalled the most ruthless boardroom negotiations! Poor Mum 😦  I’m going to put together an album for Jackie for when he’s older; living so far away I hope he’ll enjoy getting letters from Grandma and not just emails.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who send me used stamps. And, to those who include a couple of extra new stamps which their submissions ‘to help you with all that postage’; I do appreciate it.

Competition entries, single issues and subscriptions can all be paid with unused stamps – it’s much cheaper and easier than money orders and many people don’t have cheque books.

Hopefully, when I go to the PO Box later today, I’ll find a big pile of mail all decorated with pretty stamps 🙂

Happy Birthday Jasper!


Today’s prompt…

My Mini-Dachshund Jasper is 13 today! Although he’s going grey, he is going well for an older dog. He runs as fast as he did years ago, just shorter bursts 🙂  And . . . mention the F (food) word and Jasper would win any Doggy-Olympics race 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jasper!

Pet-owning writers love to write about their pets and over the years Positive Words has featured many poems and stories about dogs, cats and other favourites. Many were tributes to a loved family member who had passed, some told of heroic deeds and others about the eccentricities that brighten our days. Pet stories are always very popular as most fellow pet owners can identify with the sad, the glad and, sometimes, the bad! I hope today’s post inspired you to write about your pets, past or present and please send them in to share with Positive Words readers. Submissions are always welcome and each published contributor receives a complimentary copy of the issue but submissions MUST be in hard copy first, with email copies requested on acceptance for longer pieces. Post to The Editor – Positive Words magazine, Sandra James, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.



Today’s prompt…

Perhaps it’s our eyes . . . but we thought there was a large black dog swimming in the Murray River at Echuca on a visit a couple of years ago. Until we had a closer look!

Not so prim ladies!

Today’s prompt…

The prim ladies from a few posts ago do let their hair/petals down on sunny days although I think they’ll be staying tighly closed today. I woke to huge thunder claps and suddenly the bedside light went on, so the power must have been out during the night. I made that all-important first mug of coffee but didn’t stop to drink it as I raced out in my pyjamas to do the outside jobs, feed the dogs and chooks and clean the dog pen before it got wet. A few heavy drops on the tin roof but it all stopped by the time I came back inside to my lukewarm caffeine . . . still, the jobs are done and with more dark clouds looming I don’t think it will be long before we get a downpour.

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