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Today’s writing prompt:

It could have been me.

(I just heard a character say that on TV – I’m sure they won’t mind me borrowing it 🙂 )



Today’s writing prompt:


Aiming High

Today’s prompt . . .


If you are going to climb, grab the branches not the blossom.

Change of plans

Today’s prompt . . .

A change of plans.

Sometimes things don’t turn out quite the way you were hoping . . .

I wish…

Today’s prompt…

I just heard a lady win $30,000 on the Sunrise Cash Cow segment 🙂

A very nice wish to start the day!

Picket Fences

Today’s prompt…

There’s something about a picket fence, although this one probably isn’t the prettiest example.

What’s behind the picket fence of your dreams?

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