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Great weather for ducks


Not sure why but I can’t load new photos onto the blog so I’ve recycled an old one 🙂

Our yard isn’t as green as in the photo but with lots of rain through the night and more expected I’m hoping it will be green again soon.



Two more members of the travelling animal farm 🙂

Serenity :)


Today’s prompt…

Another photo from Maryborough 🙂

Just Ducky :)


Today’s prompt…

If you look closely you will see a family of baby ducklings hiding in the scrub at the front of our yard 🙂

We’ve had a busy few days showing our visitors around and catching up. Jackie loves to investigate and ‘help’ with everything so my computer time is limited but I will answer all the comments and do appreciate them!

Ten Ducks?

Today’s prompt…

Ten ducks? No! Earlier last week I saw groups of twelve ducks on our front lawn and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get just ten in a photo before they flew away. Yesterday these nine kept coming back to the back lawn. I was going to pretend there were ten but I’m sure someone would have counted 😦  Note how dry it is . . .we’ve had hardly any rain in weeks and none on the immediate horizon. Daffy, Donald, Daisy, Huey, Louey, Dewy, Unclce Scrooge and the rest might have to finder a wetter climate 😦

NaNoWriMo Update: Some days I write, then look down at the total to be pleasantly surprised to  find it has grown quickly even though I’ve thought I was only adding a few words…other days I feel like I’m doing a lot but the words add up slowly. After a few hiccups I finished well after midnight but my total stands at 27,717 🙂

Just Ducky

Today’s writing prompt…

These ducks seem to be having a great time while the pool is closed for the cooler months 🙂

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