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Back to…Echuca :)



Echuca has featured several times on this blog after visiting with Rod, and with Elijah & Eilihd, and yesterday I returned to visit the Campaspe Murray Writers Group.

Another wonderful group of writers who made me very welcome. A perfect mix of fun and friendship, inspiration and encouragement, a diverse range of interpretations on the ‘homework’ . . . a great night!

I am thoroughly enjoying meeting with groups to tell them about Positive Words magazine and, in turn, get back amazing encouragement and personal inspiration. Email me if you’d like a guest speaker/visitor and I will do my best to visit, or add your group to ‘The List’ if you are further afield. Who knows what the future holds? 🙂

The photo shows paddle steamers on the Murray River. I didn’t take any photos yesterday but this is one I ‘prepared earlier’  🙂

Peppercorn Trees


Today’s prompt…

I love Peppercorn trees 🙂

No Parking


Today’s prompt…

Elijah, Eilidh and I visited Echuca during the week. A very hot day but we had a great time 🙂


Today’s prompt…

Perhaps it’s our eyes . . . but we thought there was a large black dog swimming in the Murray River at Echuca on a visit a couple of years ago. Until we had a closer look!


Today’s very sweet prompt 🙂

Taken through the window of a sweet shop in Echuca. I wonder how many children (and BIG kids) have drooled over this giant lollipop?  I’m sure you could write a novel by the time you got through this one 🙂


Today’s prompt…

Every year on our wedding anniversay, Rod and I travel back to Echuca/Moama (the scene of the crime). Our home is only 100 kilometres from the border and we had a great day touring the area 🙂

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