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Chop, chop


Some of my stories have numerous versions, each one pared down or padded out to suit a different market or competition 🙂

I just read that scissors were invented in 1500BC . . . for me they are always in frequent use from this nifty little pair to open envelopes and trim the stamps off, my dressmaking scissors, a little folding pair in my knitting bag, an old pair of dressmaking scissors in the kitchen for opening packets, cutting baking paper, snipping herbs and slicing pizza, an even older pair in the garden shed for opening bags of potting mix, fertiliser, trimming plants and taking cuttings, hair and nail scissors in the bathroom, and I’m sure there’s another pair or two I’ve forgotten to mention.

I am very grateful to that ancient Egyptian for his/her very handy invention 🙂

Cleaning Up


In the Positive Words ‘early days’, I received a short story submission from a lady which had some potential but was filled with terrible spelling errors, bad grammar etc. She included a phone number and lived in the next town so I rang and politely suggested that with a little editing her story would be suitable for publication. No way! she told me. She wasn’t going to waste time going over her story, that’s what editors were for! She went on to say that she would then submit it to a major women’s magazine if I wasn’t going to use it. When I told her that the magazine would also expect the story to be relatively free of spelling and gramatical errors she insisted again that that’s what editors were for. I never saw the story in the magazine or heard from her again – I wonder if she is still writing?

Editing, or cleaning up, can be boring but is very necessary 🙂

Stop! Editor at work!


I’m sure most of us hate stopping for roadwork . . . but we also get annoyed at bumpy roads and potholes.

Perhaps roadwork is the equivalent of editing our stories and poems. It can be a pain but is also very necessary. Last week I condensed a short story down from 1300+ words to just under 1000 to suit a competition.  I’m not sure whether I’ve smoothed out the bumps and made it better or if it needs a complete overhaul; time will tell.

I wonder if I could get a sign saying ‘Editing Hazard Ahead’?  🙂


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