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Father’s Day

I’m starting work on the September issue and would love to feature stories, poems and articles about FATHERS.

The usual submission guidelines apply (see above) or email me it you would like further information. (But please note that submissions must be in hard copy.)

Send submissions to The Editor, Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.

Happy Father’s Day!

Today’s writing prompt:

My Dad.

I hope today was a special day for all fathers – I enjoyed a barbeque with my Mum and Dad on a perfect sunny spring day 🙂

A Perfect Setting


Despite most places being very busy yesterday, we found a lovely quiet park in Drouin and enjoyed a Father’s Day barbeque with my Dad and Pip. Drouin is a pretty town set among scenic hills. Pip works there, so it was an ideal meeting place as he had to start his shift mid-afternoon.

Although tinged with sadness, as my brother died on Father’s Day twenty-one years ago, it’s always great to make new, very special memories 🙂


Who’s on First?


A popular stop for workers to get coffee in Bendigo and I’m sure they must get asked numerous times a day who makes the best coffee?

I stopped to post some letters, say G’day to the fellow leaning on his shovel 🙂 and took a selfie of my hands courtesy of my side mirror 🙂

Happy Fathers Day to fathers everywhere!

More Daffodils :)

Today’s prompt…

The frost over the past months has devastated my Geraniums but the Daffodils are blooming (the ones the cockatoos didn’t destroy!) so it won’t be long until I can re-plant with the cuttings I took in  Autumn 🙂 We had another frost last night but already the sun is shining and promising a beautiful Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day!

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