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More Hiccups

Apologies to everyone waiting for the competition results and/or latest magazines. First the flash flood and last week I broke my ankle, followed by bad reactions to pain medication which has slowed me down a little. Just a little! The results will be posted in the next couple of days and any remaining magazines posted. Thanks everyone for your understanding 🙂

I can’t drive as it’s my right foot so have to wait until someone drives me or at least takes the mail. And…at last I have builders here starting on the repairs to our flood damaged house. Still a way to go but I’m sure by the time my ankle heals it will be a distant memory 🙂

I’m feeling much better than I did this time last week and am once again making up for lost time, all with the background hammering, sawing and banging 🙂




Today’s prompt…

I hope you can find some inspiration in this switch!

My thoughts today are with the people facing terrible floods. The heavy rain has moved down the east coast into NSW leaving terrible devastation everywhere and record floods. Please stay safe!

After the Floods

Today’s prompt…

Two years ago, this area had major flooding, filling the Eppalock Dam which had been down to less than ten percent capacity for many years. This section beside the dam was a raging torrent, washing away the road and taking everything in its path. Just recently the road was repaired and we are hoping a nearby picnic area will once again be opened to the public. I was reminded of the flooding when I heard a news/weather report earlier this week saying we are in for a hotter, drier summer . . . but that’s what they said just before the floods two years ago!

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