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No NaNo

Sorry I’m afraid this year’s NaNoWriMo is a wash out. Literally! A slow start but I was beginning to pick up pace and was still hopeful of getting there but on Thursday night a flash flood here. My visiting daughter and granddaughter (from Adelaide) went out for 2 hours as my grandson Jackie who lives with his dad in Heathcote (we are 10 kms out) had a little 6th birthday party. LOTS of heavy rain and came home to find the whole house flooded. Every room. You can image the mess. 1000s of books stored at ground level in the robes etc, fabric and wool for my crafts and so much I still haven’t sorted yet. Jess went back into Heathcote and stayed with Dahlia (9months) at my son’s house and looked after Jackie while my son came to help drag what we could out and start mopping. My husband who works and stays in Melbourne through the week came home as quickly as he could organize things. Not much sleep that night. Yesterday the insurance clean-up people came and got all the carpet and floating floor out and now we have huge dryers through the house with all those ground level items on the verandah slowly getting sorted. So many precious things can’t be saved but will try to look on the positive side and save what we can. My daughter decided it would be best to head home although they had been planning to stay another week. The noise in the house is bad and all the humidity not good for a baby. So they have just gone (very teary) and now a quick breakfast and back to the sorting/clean up.

I know I mentioned in the November issue that you could follow the progress on the blog – I hope everyone else is going ahead in leaps and bounds!


Hazy Days


A gloomy haze surrounds us here and I think much of the state, a sober reminder of the sad losses suffered by many people and the ongoing threat. The wind has dropped but until there is significant rain, the danger remains.

Meanwhile, floods in England, and snow. If only we could trade a little weather!



Today’s prompt…

Even on our very dry ‘lawn’ the Rosellas and Red-Rumped Parrots seem to find something to eat 🙂

Amazingly, although we haven’t had rain for weeks and only small amounts for months, my son Nathaniel in Gladstone QLD has had over 700mm in about four days! Earlier in the week he told me he’d been putting the sprinklers on around his unit because it was so dry and all the children in the neighbouring units were loving playing in the water! Now it looks like a lagoon.

And . . . as I was typing this, Nathaniel rang! Yesterday he said although it was very wet, they were okay but overnight they had a lot more rain and the road to work has been cut. The water is five metres over the dam wall and expected to go up to seven metres. But, the rain has stopped for now. Hopefully, there won’t be too much more!

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