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Today’s writing prompt:


Right now my NaNoWriMo is waffling on and on and on . . . but I’m sure there will be some salvageable parts and at least it’s keeping my total within reach of the target 🙂


Today’s prompt . . .

Chocolate biscuits.

That’s meant as a subject to write about but if you’re more inspired eating them . . . go for it 🙂


Today’s prompt . . .

I’ll start my diet tomorrow, she said, as she reached for another slice of cake.


Mini-competition reminder

The word for this month’s mini-competition is HAMBURGER.

Mini-competition details – mini themes 2014

A number of people claim to have invented the hamburger, more than a century ago. I’m sure none of them imagined just how many hamburgers, and their variations, would be eaten in the years to come!

I’m looking forward to the great inventive stories and poems.


Today’s prompt . . .

He bit into the hamburger and found . . .

A prompt to inspire your entries for this month’s Mini-competition: mini themes 2014

The word for this month is HAMBURGER.

Of course, you can approach the competition in any way you want. I love reading all the different interpretations each month 🙂

Food for thought

Today’s prompt . . .

“Would you like to go for a hamburger?” he asked nervously.

The word for this month’s mini-competition is HAMBURGER. Details here: mini themes 2014

Entrants often ask if the title counts as part of the 100 word or ten line limit – No. (And, interesting titles work well, rather than just using the word-of-the-month for the title)

I look forward to lots of creative entries. It always amazes me how many different ideas writers can come up with 🙂




Delicious doughnuts in Adelaide and the nicest vendor 🙂 We’ll be back! I’m on the bus heading back to Victoria. A window seat so lots to see . . .

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