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One Eyed


Today’s prompt . . .


Do you love it or hate it?

Going to watch Brisbane Lions play Collingwood tonight . . . should be interesting as my husband barracks for Collingwood 😦

Meeting my son Pip and his girlfriend Jemimah at the MCG – let’s hope three of us are smiling tonight 🙂


On the field


Kangaroos and ducks . . . I wonder who’s winning 🙂

Warming Up


Many writers have told me they have ‘warm up’ exercises or routines they use to get them started. What’s your pre-writing proceedure?

The photo shows Brisbane Lions warming up before Friday’s game 🙂


The Big Game

Today’s prompt…

Maybe not the biggest game of the season for most people but it was for me 🙂

Despite our team Brisbane Lions, not winning, Pip and I had a great time, created one of those special memories I know we will refer back to over the years “Remember that time we…’, and . . . it has helped inspire me to write something new. I hope my photo inspires you to write poems, stories or whatever about your favourite football code or team.

And please send them in; submissions to the magazine are always welcome Submissions & Subscriptions for Positive Words

The Inspirational Ms Ita Buttrose

Today’s prompt…

I had a truly amazing Saturday. As part of the Inaugural Bendigo Writers’ Festival, Ms Ita Buttrose gave a talk about her very inspirational life.  Rod surprised me with a copy of A Passionate Life a few weeks ago and I’d been really looking forward to hearing Ita speak as I had long admired her, not only for her ground-breaking career in journalism but for her inspirational attitude to life which I had watched avidly in segments on Sunrise when she used to be a regular guest. She does similar on The Today Show now,  on a different channel, so I don’t see her as often, as Sunrise is my preferred morning show.

It had been a topsy-turvy week and unsure whether I would make it, I hadn’t booked a ticket. When I arrived the lady at the ticket booth said she might be able to squeeze me in but unfortunately her computer wouldn’t let her, saying the venue was full. “Hold on a minute,” she said and called a young woman over. “This lady wants to see Ita Buttrose but we haven’t any more bookings.” The lovely young woman handed me a ticket. Apparently, someone couldn’t make it. Sad for them but so lucky for me. Sincere thanks to both the ticket lady and the young woman – I ended up in the front row and Ms Buttrose’s talk was everything I could have hoped for and more, so much more. I am inspired and will be putting so many new ideas into practice over the next few weeks.

After the talk I headed down the Calder Freeway to Sunbury where I left my car at my step-son’s house and caught a bus to the Sunbury Station, to catch a train (although it was changed to a bus, I think because of track work) to Southern Cross Station where I was to meet my youngest son Pip so we could attend the Brisbane Lions versus Carlton match at Etihad Stadium. Although we didn’t win it was another amazing night. I hadn’t been to a match for more than ten years and, once again, it exceeded all my expectations. More about that, and some photo prompts, in a later post.

How to explain to Pip, a young man who loves sport but isn’t quite so knowledgable about journalism and writing, why I so wanted to see/hear Ita Buttrose? “Pip, Ita Buttrose is to Australian women’s journalism what Nadia Comaneci is to Women’s World Gymnastics.” “Ah” . . . he nodded. “Cool.”

A long day but the very best of days 🙂

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