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A writing prompt to get the week started . . .

Mysterious bumps began appearing in the lawn.

I hope it generates lots of great stories and poems :)

Old flames

Today’s writing prompt:

Old flames.

While outside watering before dark {it’s very dry here already :( } I had an idea and decided to introduce an old flame into my NaNoWriMo story.

Not sure what will come of it but time will tell :)


Today’s writing prompt:

No fixed abode.


Today’s writing prompt:

He looked over his neighbour’s fence and saw . . .


Rural Living

Today’s writing prompt:

“Let’s escape to the country!”

No prizes for guessing what I’m watching on TV tonight :)


Today’s writing prompt:

One drop, then another. Finally they dared to hope the drought was over.

I’m listening to the sound of rain on the roof :) No drought yet, although recent forecasts have predicted a very hot dry summer :(

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, if we have to, but for now my garden is surely smiling :)



Today’s writing prompt:

Out in the garden.

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