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The Midas Touch

Today’s writing prompt:

Does anyone know the term for the reverse-Midas-Touch?

Think it might make a good scenario for a story and I’d also like to know because I’m pretty sure I have it right now 😦

I wonder if there’s a cure? 🙂

Hard ground

Hope this prompt inspires a story or poem . . .

Rustic Beauty


When we first moved to Heathcote, we explored nearby Redcastle, a former gold-mining site about twenty minutes away. Although there is some evidence of long-abandoned diggings in the forest, nowadays the area is mostly small acreages with all sorts of permanent and weekender dwellings and a sadly overgrown cemetery. Apparently, a 4WD group used to visit the cemetery to help maintain it but it doesn’t look as though they’ve been there for a while.

My Dad found an entry in my Mum’s old family bible recording the birth of one of Mum’s ancestors at Redcastle but none of the graves bear familiar names. I wonder if her family was trying their luck on the goldfields or just visiting. Perhaps they stayed in a house similar to the modern-day hut above. If only those trees could talk!

I wonder…


…if they’ve been lucky.  This very well-fenced yard and the obvious intense operation inside means someone is hoping for a big find!

We had a very welcome stranger here last night . . . RAIN! I emptied 22mm from the rain gauge this morning and our little space is wonderfully fresh and bright 🙂

Unfortunately, residents on the north coast of NSW are being deluged. I hope you are all safe!

A Very Welcome Stranger!


Today’s prompt…

A replica of the Welcome Stranger gold nugget at the Maryborough Information Centre. The Welcome Stranger is the largest alluvial gold nuggest found and was discovered just 3 centimetres below the surface on 5 February 1869 at Moliagul by John Deason and Richard Oates.

Wow! I’m more than willing to welcome any of this stranger’s relatives 🙂

The Transformers are here!

Today’s prompt…

Well, surely I could be forgiven for thinking this machine does look like a close relative 🙂

Yesterday we attended an Open Day demonstration by a local mining company, only ten minutes from here at Costerfield, with my parents-in-law. Rod and his Dad loved the engineering side of things while my Mother-in-law and I enjoyed the sunshine and the great atmosphere.  Then Rod tried panning for gold and found his first speck! The first of many, I hope 🙂

A wonderful day 🙂

There’s Gold in Them There Hills

Today’s writing promt 🙂

I’m not sure what this is but it sits on the side of one of the many old gold digging sites in our area. The hills were once alive with hopeful prospectors…

Is there any gold left? I don’t know but after visiting an historic gold town nearby, I was inspired to write a story which was accepted by a women’s magazine and I received a welcome cheque…a little piece of gold without getting my hands dirty 🙂

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