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Sunshine on my Shoulders

After several gloomy, overcast days the sky is blue and the sun shining 🙂

It’s still cold out (9 degrees Celsius) but the sunshine makes everything a little brighter. I’m humming one of my favourite songs from my teenage years.

John Denver ~ Sunshine on my shoulders 🙂

What was your favourite teenage song?

A little sunshine


It’s overcast and a little gloomy out so I thought I’d recycle an old post to brighten the day 🙂



A bright and cheery start to the week 🙂

Little Bluebird of Happiness

A writing prompt for today 🙂

A few weeks ago I saw this cute little bird at a garage sale and thought it would make a great paperweight. The house(garage)holder was one of those people you walk away from thinking what-a-lovely-lady, which made it extra special. There is half a label on the base so I did some research and eventually found it is an Arkansas Bluebird of Happiness and there is quite a fascinating history and story to go along with it. I am sure they bring lots of happiness to many people all over the world. It certain makes me smile every time I look at it (often) and I have the beginnings of a story growing in my mind.

I hope it prompts something special for you, too 🙂

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