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A writing prompt on a chilly morning here in Heathcote . . .

Thick frost crunched on the ground beneath her feet.

I confess I haven’t experienced it this morning, just looked out the window . . . that’s close enough for me just now!

I’ll stay here by the fire for a little longer πŸ™‚

Windy weather

Today’s writing prompt:

It’s an ill wind . . .



Today’s writing prompt:

Four seasons in one day!

Something often said of Melbourne/Victorian weather.

Today, here in Heathcote, we have 16 degrees Celsius, cold wind, rain and I travelled through some hail earlier on my way home from Geelong. Yesterday 30 degrees and hot, hardly a breath of wind. At least it’s never boring πŸ™‚


Today’s writing prompt:

Something happened along the way . . .

A few years ago a lady rang me to say she wanted to buy an item I had advertised for sale and would be at my house in about an hour. She turned up four days later and seemed very surprised when I mentioned that I’d thought she was coming earlier and must have changed her mind. She didn’t give an explanation but I’ve always wondered . . .

A Cold Snap

Today’s prompt . . .

Suddenly, the air turned icy.

Inspired, of course, by the weather forecast here in Heathcote . . . seven days/nights of frost 😦

Did someone break a mirror?

Starry Starry Night

Today’s prompt . . .

A shooting star.

Here in Heathcote we enjoy magnificent night skies, one of the best places for viewing in the Southern Hemisphere πŸ™‚


Out of the mist

Today’s prompt . . .

Out of the mist came a . . .

Hope it helps inspire a great story or poem πŸ™‚

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