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Back in Time

Today’s prompt . . .

If you could go back to another time, when would it be?


Kith and Kin

Today’s prompt . . .

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Precious memories


The cricket oval at Barham, NSW, with its new white picket fence 🙂

Yesterday I travelled to Koondrook and Barham with my Mum and Dad, to visit some of Dad’s cousins. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Barham Club and it was wonderful to listen to everyone reminisce. One cousin I hadn’t seen since I was a sixteen-year-old exchange student in New Zealand – he was living in Auckland at the time and we met up after a lady who worked with my host ‘mother’ realized I had the same surname as the Aussie her cousin had married. For a homesick teenager it was wonderful to visit a family member and see an amazing family resemblance so far away, even though we’d never met before that.

I now have a pile of family history papers, documents and details and we are hoping I can connect a few more dots.

And, it has reinforced my commitment to writing down family stories and interesting snippets . . . who knows who might want to read them one day 🙂

Those who went before…


Just around the corner from the printer’s office is this lovely park dedicated to those who founded the area.

Pre . . . computers, electricity, phones, supermarkets, cars and all those mod-cons we take for granted!

Reminders of Yesterdays


I love old buildings 🙂

Good news – the November issue is ready and I’m off to pick it up from the printer. They’ll all be in the mail tomorrow 🙂


The Old Shed


What has it seen? Who has it seen? What’s inside?

Once upon a time…


…this was a spectacular building but it still holds that certain charm and, I’m sure, the ghosts of many stories 🙂


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