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Green Fingers

Today’s prompt . . .

She had a green thumb.

Rather late because I spent much of the day taking advantage of some winter sunshine, pottering in the garden 🙂

In my case it’s more muddy fingers than a green thumb but still fun!

Spring Colour


There would be a lot more colour except for the rotten (#%*@#*) White Cockatoos who are getting cheekier and cheekier. Our plants close to the house used to be safe but not any more 😦    Last week I found them uprooting to Irises and garlic and feasting on the rhizomes and bulbs.  Thus . . . if you are in the area you might witness a mad woman racing out the back door, yelling and waving her arms frantically at regular intervals, followed by a cloud of white wings and raucous cockatoo laughter!

I think I’ll use them as inspiration for a murder story 🙂

Cockatoo Pie doesn’t have the same ring to it as Pigeon Pie (not that I’ve ever tried it!) but watch this space for a recipe 🙂 lol


Purple Iris

Today’s prompt…

I wish I could claim this beauty as one of mine but it’s in my daughter’s garden. Mine are budding so perhaps it won’t be long…

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