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South Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo


Back to the little fauna park at Kaniva…this beautiful South Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo put on quite a performance for me, dancing up and down the branch. This species is endangered and there is a dedicated program to save them. This one also had a shy mate in a corner of the enclosure.

Back in Traralgon I saw flocks of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos fly over my house frequently. They fascinated me from when I was in Primary school and my brother and I used to collect the Tynee Tips Bird Cards that came with packets of loose leaf tea. I included Black Cockatoos in one of my early short stories. I had set my writing groups a task to write short stories for a popular competition but found myself lacking inspiration. Walking back across my yard after feeding the chooks one evening I looked up to see two Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos on the television aerial . . . the story came. It didn’t win that competition but it did set me on a new and wonderful path. It did win another competition and was also published later in Woman’s Day. That story is still my very favourite ­čÖé



Kaniva Fauna Park


I arrived home from Gawler late last night, safe but rather tired! Along the way I stopped to visit the Edwards Crossing Writing Group at Murray Bridge. Another wonderful group, more faces for names, new friends and much appreciated encouragement. Once again a group I would love to join if I lived in the area. Thank you, Everyone!

I’m not sure when I’ll be returning to South Australia but, hopefully, will get the chance to meet more groups.

I stopped again at the┬áKaniva Fauna Park and the same little Magpie came to say ‘hello’, and┬áthis curious Emu ­čÖé


The Bush Telegraph


The Bush Telegraph must be working because when I stopped for a break at Kaniva on my way over on Monday, this Magpie immediately flew down to greet me. Or . . . perhaps to cadge a little food! I’m sure her ‘cousin’ who waits on my doorstep every day must have sent advance information ­čÖé Unfortunately, I only had a few crumbs in the bottom of my sandwich bag but on my return today I’ll take something in case they’re there again.


Tomorrow’s prompt…

I’ll be busy tomorrow morning so I’m uploading the prompt tonight. I hope this trio at Kaniva┬ámake you┬ásmile and provide lots of inspiration ­čÖé

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